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Happy 2015!

Friday, January 2, 2015


Happy New Year, everyone!  May it be an incredible year of joy and growth for you and yours!

On January 1, 2015 morning I rang in the New Year by going with my dear friend Suzy and her family to the Rose Parade.  Suzy and Gus’s youngest daughter has a rare disability, and through the city of Pasadena they receive special seating right on the street, just beyond the main grandstands, on the sunny side (a good thing in 39 degree weather!).  Even though I’ve lived in California for about 30 years, and almost every New Year’s Day watch the parade on TV, this was the first time I went as a spectator, thanks to Suzy and Gus having one extra ticket.  I don’t think I could have enjoyed it more!   I loved being  just a few feet away from the action—so close that I could hear the sound of each individual instrument being blown or banged as band members marched past, feel the “swish” of the collar guard flags, and hear the loud clip-clop of the Clydesdale’s giant hooves.  The detail of the vegetation on the floats was incredible, and it was so enjoyable to actually make eye contact, smile and wave back to people in the parade.  The spectators around us were also such fun, too - hooting and hollering, sharing food and coffee.  During the inevitable lulls in the action, a man across the street would stand up and get everyone singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” or “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”  The whole morning was such a fun slice of California life.

When I got home, I was anxious to watch the re-broadcast of the parade and take in all the fun facts about the floats and organizations represented.  What really blew my mind was how different everything looked from their perspective, especially the cameras mounted high above the street.  One of the bands spelled out a word formation, which of course we couldn’t see from the ground.  There were acrobats on the other side of the floats I never saw.  I was amazed at how from that higher perspective the “main ideas” of floats were so much clearer, whereas from the ground I was focusing on the details.

All this brought me to thinking how awesome it is that God sees situations, people, life, from ALL perspectives.  He sees situations from every angle--on the surface, from the inside out and, most importantly, with a lens focused on eternity.  He is the God of ALL wisdom and knowledge. There is not one detail anywhere He doesn’t see and know.  He doesn’t just intimately know every soul in the tens of thousands of people at a parade, but also every little sparrow in each tree lining the route.  He knows and cares about every concern, joy, fear, hope and prayer.  He sees EVERYTHING.  This kind of knowledge is too wonderful and mysterious for me.  But it is one of many reasons we worship God.  On this first day of 2015, I am blown away that He knows what this year holds for you and me!  I marvel that such a powerful God does not just see and know me . . . He loves me.  All I can really do in response to so great a love is to worship Him and love Him in return.  So, may we all do that this year…marvel at Him, trust Him, reach out to Him, worship Him, surrender to Him, and love Him like never before. That’s my prayer for each of us in 2015.  Happy New Year, dear ones!

Psalm 139

“Such knowledge (His) is too wonderful for me….”

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