Saying goodbye to an old friend

Last fall we moved out of our office/warehouse of 18 years.  It was definitely bittersweet. There were GOBS of memories in there, all over the walls.  Photos of kids who are now probably in their twenties.  Cards hand-written by kiddos who are now probably writing papers in college. Love notes scribbled by toddlers who surely don't remember me now, but we had a connection way back then.  Floods of memories came my way as I took photos of these treasures, prayed for these kids wherever they might be,  then had to part with these things.  I mean, you can't keep everything and our home office is reeeally small.  I did keep a few fat files of things that I'll probably keep until I die. 

One non-flat thing I couldn't part with is this pillow.  To be honest, I can't remember who made this for me.  I should have written it on there.  But it was surely from someone who loves kids.  This pillow now hangs on a wall in my little home office...a room where my now-married daughter used to live. I see this joyful little pillow on the wall every day and it makes me smile, and reminds me how fast the years go. We only get to be with kids for a quickly they grow up and the kiddo part of them is a memory.  

Whoever you are out there who made that pillow, I hope you're still plugging along loving kids and telling them about Jesus. I'm still doing my part and will continue to until I'm told otherwise by my Boss. And from whatever space I do the "work" part of this multi-faceted ministry, I'll keep stashing away drawings and photos and love notes and praying for the kids who made them...and praying they keep jumping to Jesus and fighting the good fight, wherever they are.


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