Livin' LOUD for You!

Livin' LOUD for You!  is a collection of 14 songs we have been working on since Totally Transformed.  I am constantly amazed by the reality and power of the LOVE of God. It inspires me to love others, make a difference in my world for Him and give my best to Him as my way of saying “Thank You!” I want my life to be a visible, audible offering of praise to Him!  I'm more committed than ever to truly LIVE out loud the purposes of the Kingdom of God.  


[By the way, watch for a new t-shirt coming with the release! Note what I'm wearing on the cover above, but more colors!]  

To the right are a few clips from a couple of the new songs that speak to that:

We Love, We Love

Make a Difference

Jeremiah 29:11 Song

Livin' LOUD for You!

Some locals will recognize some of the songs on “Oh, the Love” because they were VBS songs we wrote and performed. “Oh, the Love,” and “We Love, We Love” were songs we created for VBSs at Mariners Church in Irvine, CA. Kids at First Baptist of  Dallas, Texas will know the song “Goin’ Deeper Now” from their VBS of 2016.  “Oh, My Shepherd” is a song we wrote for Royal Family Kids Camp (link) that has been in circulation at their incredible kids camps for a few years. “Livin’ Loud for You” was the 2014 VBS theme song for EVFree Church in Fullerton, CA. “I Freeze” is a song we wrote for Memorial Drive Methodist Church in Houston, and the ballad “Jeremiah 29:11” is one we created for the amazing sports camp ministry, Uncharted Waters.  “Step By Step” was the 2016 VBS theme song for both Purpose Church in Pomona, CA and Central Peninsula Church in Foster City, CA.  

We hope you enjoy all of these songs and join with kids, churches and families all around the world who will be praising our incredible Lord and Savior with these simple tunes. 

One last comment (with more to follow when the complete CD is released): the “Thank You Song” was inspired by my dear friend Jill Levsen who faithful teaches at Community Bible Study in Huntington Beach, CA.  This idea of living my life like one big “Thank YOU!” to the Lord Jesus really stuck with me after she explained it that way.  May we ALL live our lives that way….like a living sacrifice of praise and thanks to the Lord Jesus for all He has done for us. 

The entire CD will be available for download in January!  Stay tuned!!!

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